This game is an alpha version. It has no sound, is still using some placeholders, misses a few animations an overall polish. It is still playable though! Thanks for trying it.


  • Lots of left clicks on explicit buttons, which is nice
  • Mouse wheel to zoom/unzoom, and drag around the map
  • Q and E (A and E for AZERTY keyboards) to rotate buildings before placing them
  • CTRL + Z to undo your last move, or use the undo button

How to play

Your goal is to shoot the crystal with your laser ship.

Shooting the laser costs 3 units of methane , 3 units of oxygen , and you also need to have 3 units of energy  available (but they won't be consumed).

This is the laser. It occupies 3 tiles in a row (sorry for the z-value issue).

This is the first building you have to place. It's free and produces 1 energy.

You can rotate the buildings with Q (A) and E before you place them, but not later.

This mirror allows you to redirect the laser in other directions, indicated by the black dot:

Sometimes you'll have mountains on your way. You can destroy them by shooting them with the laser.

Build solar panels to produce more energy .

Build the drill on an iron oxide deposit to harvest iron  and oxygen .

Build the pump on a methane lake to harvest methane  .

You can't disable or sell a building after you've placed it, so think twice before you do. You can however undo your moves for free!

The game is made with Godot, which is awesome, and you should start using it :D


  • Programming   -   J-Star
  • Art   -   Raindrinker
  • Original concept   -   Space Monkey
  • Story  -  Horrusius

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