Music Vulcano Escape

Music Vulcano Escape
Made by J-Star, NateA6 and Kori Anders

Escape the dangers of the vulcano in this Rhythm Platformer game with excellent music!

Please be aware that this game is better suited for local play instead of browser play, since it heavily depends on sounds and music.


  • Synced platforms to the music
  • Tutorial level with instructions to get you up and running to play the main level
  • Checkpoints to save your progress
  • Double jump

How to play

Play with WASD or the arrow keys to move and use Space Bar to (double) jump. Walk over checkpoints to save your progress. Watch out for the lava, it hurts when you touch it and resets you to the last checkpoint. Be aware though, if you run out of hearts, you have to start all over again.


  • AD/QD/←→: Left/Right
  • Spacebar: Jump


  • Godot
  • Photoshop
  • Caustic 3.2

External Sources

  • Chunkfive (Font)
  • (Cat character)

Install instructions

To install, download the package that corresponds to your OS. Unzip and run the application file. Simple as that!


Download 48 MB
Download 61 MB
Download 48 MB


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Come follow me for more great games and feedback. bring any of your projects by or updates and I would love to play them again.

It's a cute idea. I have a few notes; having a visual indicator or warning that a platform is about to fall is a good idea. Like a slight vibration or tremor animation. Also, the pacing in the level isn't super fun. It really isn't at all clear how the platforms move with the music. Having a clear base line or beat that the platforms are timed to, like a marching song would be better for making that clear.  Also, the jump doesn't feel great in terms of control nor the side to side movement. I like that the double jump is a way of correcting if you jump and realize the timing was wrong. I think the mechanics and level design of the game you have could be more fun before adding new things but I agree new things will help it.

I think the game currently lacks a fundamental core to build everything around. If you want the core to be "the the platforms move to music", then that needs to be done a lot better. I like the idea of a music platformer in general so it's not that I think that's a bad idea. Also, the lives/health mechanic isn't great. Mainly because the level doesn't feel fun to play, so forcing the player all the way back to the beginning when a lot of the level design seems to be about gotchas and failing then learning and memorizing rather than cluing the player in advance about what's coming next. Keeping the lives and health is fine if you change the level design to be either more fun or more fair. Now that all the criticism is done I do think you did a really good job for the time you have spent. The art is very polished and the game isn't buggy. The tutorial is also well done.

Cool game!

Had alot of trouble connecting the music to the mechanics though- I think the platforms rise and fall based on it, but tbh I mostly just cheesed my way through the level with double jump.

Also the game feels a bit anti-climactic- you master the platforming mechanic and then the game just ends!

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Thanks for your feedback! The platforms rise and fall based on the music, but other than that there's no link between the music and the game.
It does feel so indeed and thanks for pointing that out! It is my first entry in a game jam as a programmer and I spend 5 days on the game as it is right now. I was running out of time to include more levels with more interesting mechanics